Zakah Course

‘And whatever you give in Zakat, desiring to seek Allah’s pleasure with it, it is those who get a return multiplied (their wealth in real terms.)' 30:39

Zakat is another pillar many of us forget the rules and guidance on. Over the years the knowledge we gain around this can be missleading.

This course is designed to provide an understanding for the purpose of Zakat.

Imam Muhammad Shoaib Nurgat will be delivering a the basics on Zakah as well as:

– Why do we need to give Zakat
– At what age should it be given
– Who should give it
– When it should be given
– How is it calculated
– Where should the Zakat be given
– Who is eligible receving it
– Masaa’il of Zakat
– Q&A

Class notes can be downloaded HERE.  Please share and invite others.

Further Resource:

Maulana Muhammad Sahib of Miftahuljannah goes through a book on Masail of Zakat By Mufti Taqi Usmani.  Invaluable  resource. You can listen to these recordings which took place in Ramadan 2020 online. CLICK HERE to listen.