Wiping away of sins via Darood

Ahmad recorded that Abu Talha Al Ansari said,

“The Prophet, peace be upon him, woke up one day cheerful and beaming. His companions exclaimed, ‘O Prophet of Allah, you woke up today cheerful and beaming.’ He replied, ‘Yes! A messenger of Allah, the Mighty and the Glorified, came to me and said, “If anyone from your ummah sends you a salutation, Allah will record for him ten good deeds, wipe off ten of his sins**, and raise him thereby ten degrees in rank, and He will return his salutation with a similar salutation”.’ [Ibn Kathir considers this a sound hadith.]

**The Muhaditheen have explained this refers to Minor sins, Major sins can only be forgiven Via Tawba (true repentance)

You know what to do now “Allahumma salla Ala Muhammad” x 100