Why is our supplication not answered?

Ibraheem Ibn Adham, a third century scholar was asked about the saying of Allah – the Most High, “AND YOUR LORD SAYS; ‘CALL ON ME I WILL ANSWER YOUR PRAYER…” [40;60] 


The questioner said: “We supplicate and we are not answered.“ 

Ibraheem Ibn Adham said to them: 


-You know Allaah, Yet you do not obey Him,

-You recite the Qur’aan, Yet do not act according to it,

-You know Shaitaan (Devil), Yet you have agreed with him,

-You proclaim that you love Muhammed (sallalahu alayhi wassalam), Yet you abandon his Sunnah,

-You proclaim your love for Paradise, Yet you do not act to gain it,

-You proclaim you fear the Fire, Yet you do not prevent yourselves from sins,

-You say “Indeed death is true”, Yet you have not prepared for it,

-You point out the faults with others, Yet you do not look at your own faults,

-You eat of that which Allah has provided for you, Yet you do not thank Him,

-You bury your dead, Yet you do not take a lesson from it. 


Source: Khushoo fis-Salaat (p.62) by Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali (rahimahullaah).