Turkey and Syria Earthquake 

Over 3000 people killed after major earthquakes in Turkey and Syria with death toll set to rise.

Masjid e Umer is collecting to help our brothers and sisters in the affected area in Turkey and Syria via UWT.  We appeal to ALL of you that please donate to this worthy cause through your Lillah, Sadaqah and Zakat.

We will be collecting from Monday 6th February to Friday 17th February  2023

Please donate ONLINE via the donation page below OR via Masjid app using the relevant Zakah or Sadaqah options or pass on to Salim bhai our UWT representative.

May Allah almighty grant steadfastness and patience to all who are affected by the earthquake and remove thr calamity from them. May Allah almighty protect the Ummah from such severe disasters. May Allah almighty accept your donations and make it a source of gaining His pleasure and entry into Jannat ul Firdaus.