The Departure of Ramadhaan

Assalamualaikum WWB

I feel a sense of great sadness with the departure of blessed month of Ramadhaan, its beautiful days and its fragrant nights. Ramadhaan, the special month of the Qur’an, the month of piety, patience, mercy, and forgiveness has bid farewell. May the departure of Ramadhaan find us as better individuals than we were at its arrival.

The Day of Eid is a day of great joy and happiness for the Ummah. It is a day wherein we are encouraged to enjoy the Halaal bounties of Allah that we had refrained from for specified times during Ramadhaan. Such is Allah’s compassion for His servants on this day that fasting, which is an act of great virtue, is prohibited on the day of Eid. On this occasion one and all should enjoy the bounties of Allah.

While the day of Eid is a day of immense happiness, we cannot remove the sense of sorrow that touches our hearts at the thoughts of our suffering brethren in many parts of the world especially in Palestine Syria, Iraq, Burma, Kashmir, Yemen, Afghanistan, in many parts of Africa as well as our Brothers and Sisters who are incarcerated unjustly in so many parts of the world.

O’ most Kind and Merciful Allah, fill their hearts with peace and joy on the Day of Eid. Restrain the hands of the oppressors and grant peace and happiness to the Muslim Ummah, Ameen.

I take this opportunity of wishing the Muslim Ummah a most joyous and spiritually uplifting Eid.

Eid Mubaarak, Taqabballallaahu Minnaa wa Minkum. Have a blessed Eid and may Allah accept from us all, Ameen.

Imam Muhammad Shoyaib