Ruling of praying following audio stream or broadcast

*The broadcasting of the recitation of the Holy Qur’aan from the Masjid receiver system is only for the purpose of listening*

To join a congregational Ṣalah through a receiver system including Taraweeh Salah is invalid.

Iqtidaa (following the Imam) is only valid if a person is physically present in the Masjid.


The purpose of Masjid e Umer Broadcasting the Taraweeh Salah with the Holy Qur’aan being recited is, so that people can benefit through listening to the recitation. There are great rewards for reciting and listening to the Holy Qur’aan.


Be aware that:

Listening to a verse of Sajdah e Tilawah via any form of live broadcast necessitates Sajdah e Tilawah on the listener.

Imam Muhammad Shoyaib