Ramadan 1444 / 2023

لسلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
There had been a verified sighting of the crescent moon in teh Uk in cambridge as well as other places for the month of Ramadhan.
Subsequently, the Ulama have decided that the first fast for Ramadhan 2023/ 1444 will be on THURSDAY 23RD MARCH 2023 

Time table screensaver / wallpaper for phones

To avoid having to keep looking at paper copies for the times of iftar and suhoor, MasjideUmer has prepared 2 phone wallpapers for people to use as they locked screens, to allow them to access the times quicker.

There is a Makkah Theme and a Madina Theme to choose from.  Please feel free to forward to other ..simply Righthand click and same image

P.s. The times are for masjideumer location.