At Masjid-E-Umer we have a Madressah (Arabic School) with approximately 300 Boys and Girls from the age of 5 to 18 Years attending daily between the hours of 4 30pm & 6 30pm Monday to Friday . Our aim is to teach children about Islam and to instill in them the ethos of Islam (Deen), equip all to face and deal with the pressures of the times we live in and prepare their young hearts and minds so as to make them be proud of the peace loving religion they follow.

We admit students to the Madrassah from the age of 5. The students progress in the Madressa from Year to year until they complete the Holy Qur’aan. Other aspect of Islamic knowledge is also taught to the child which includes:

  • Basic Fiqh (rules as regards to Wudhu, Ghusl, Salah Fast, Zakat, Hajj, Marriage, Divorce, and special Masaail excusive to females)
  • Rules of Tajweed- correct recitation of the Holy Qur’aan
  • Islamic History- the Era of our Prophet PBUH
  • Aqhlaq- Islamic teachings as regards to good conduct and behaviour.

We have two classes that specialises in the memorisation of the Holy Qur’aan. Each class accommodates approximately 14 students. The timings for these classes are from 4-30 pm to 7-30 pm, Monday to Friday.

At the end of each Madrassah year (Shawwal to Sha’baan) the child sits an examination (Oral and written) to ascertain how he/she has progressed within that year. Below is a summary of the subjects that are taught in each year.

To enrol your child into the Madressa please read the rules of the madressah and then complete this application form below.

Please Note: As you can imagine there is a waiting list for the Madaressa and you will be only contacted if a space becomes available.  Completing the form below only palces the pupil on a waiting list and you will be contacted in due time. 

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