Immediate Wilayat (Friendship with Allah Ta'ala)

By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel (Rahmatullahi ‘alayh)

[Surah Baqarah 2 : 222]

A young person, after listening to a talk, experienced a revolution in his heart. He asked me : “With my past, with the sins in my life, how is it possible for me to become a Wali?”

I said : “It is extremely simple. It takes just one minute to become a Wali (Friend of Allah Ta’ala). Raise your hands and with deep regret and remorse in your heart, shed a few tears and pray to Allah Ta’ala : 

‘O Allah, I have wasted my life, but I want to become Your Wali; I want to become Your friend. 

So forgive all the sins which I have committed since maturity, and grant me the Taufeeq to do that which pleases You in my future life.’

You have immediately become a Wali. Now make an effort towards fulfilling those rights which had been violated. The effort made indicates to the sincerity of your Taubah.”

If Salaah and Fasts were missed then Qaza*** must necessarily be made. If Zakaah, Qurbaani and Sadaqatul Fitr were not fulfilled then such monies must necessarily be paid. The same applies to monies that are owing to people. Pay back to whomsoever, what is due, or ask them to forgive. If not, then that Taubah will not be complete. And if harm and injury was caused to another, then his forgiveness should be sought.

If there are a number of outstanding Salaah or fasts due, then it is obvious that a person cannot read all the Qazas in one day, or keep all his missed fasts in one day. This will take due time. However, the intention of the person, to fulfil all dues of Allah Ta’ala and creation, and the effort made in that direction makes the person a friend and beloved of Allah Ta’ala.

If the person does not make any effort in that direction after Taubah, then this is a clear sign that he was not sincere in his Taubah.

Also, in respect to his future life, every effort should be made not to return to sins.


* Wilayat : Friendship with Allah Ta’ala

** Wali : Friend of Allah Ta’ala 

***Qaza : Religious duty performed after the expiry of its time. 


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