FAQ On Ramadhaan

Q. Some people abstain only from food, drinks, and intercourse from dawn till dusk in Ramadan without abstaining from evil talk and wrong doings; is there fasting correct?
A. Technically, there fasting is corrected but won’t get them any reward. The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Whoever does not leave evil talk and working according to it, then Allah does not need him to leave his food and drink”. He also said: “So many fasting people get only hunger and thirst from there fasting, and so many praying at night people get only staying up from their prayer”.

Q. Is intention for fasting necessary?
A. In the month of Ramadhan one should make the intention of fasting everyday. Intention is from the heart, hence to say it verbally is not necessary. To eat Suhoor is also an intention. Intention for the fast of Ramadhan could be done from the night or in the morning upto Midday (Shar’ee). Masaail Ramadhan pg 46

Q. Can I take a bath or a shower or dip in water while fasting?
A. Yes, you can take a bath or a shower and you can dip in water during fasting so long as you do not swallow the water. Masaail Ramadhan pg 70

Q. Can I gargle my mouth and wash my nose during Wudhu and Ghusl?
A. Yes, you can, but without exaggeration that makes you swallow water. If water goes into the throat accidentally whilst gargling and one is conscious of the fast, it WILL break the fast. Durre Mukhtar Vol 1pg130

Q. If one eats or drinks out of forgetfulness, does that break ones fast?
A. No, it does not. Qudoori pg 45

Q. If someone vomited intentionally or unintentionally does that break my fasting?
A. If the vomiting was intentional, then if it was a mouthful it will break the fast, if it is less than a mouthful it will not break the fast. If it was unintentional it will not break the fast in any case, however intentionally swallowing the vomit however less will break the fast. Masaail Ramadhan pg 74.

Q. Does bleeding of the mouth and gum break my fast?
A. No. Masaail Ramadhan pg 61

Q. Would my fasting be void if I cut my fingers or feet and bleed?
A. No, it would not be void. Masaail Ramadhan pg 61

Q. Can I use Miswak to clean my teeth while fasting?
A. Yes, you can, and it is a Sunnah.. Maraqi ul Falah Pg 210

Q: Can I use flavoured miswaks whilst fasting?
A: It is makruh (detestable) to use it. The flavoured miswaks will break the fast if the taste reaches the stomach. (Raddul Muhtar 395/3)

Q. Can I brush my teeth with toothpaste?
A. It has been deemed as Makrooh by the Fuqaha. (jurist) Caution demands that you do not use toothpaste, as if you swallow it, it will break the fast.  You may use a dry brush without paste during the day. However one should use a Miswak. Jadeed Fiqhi Masaail Vol 1 Pg 190: Raddul Muhtar 395/3

Q. If a person has Asthma, does using the inhaler break the fast?
A. Yes it does break the fast, as inhalers contain medicines. If it is only oxygen that one is inhaling it will not break the fast, if any medicine is mixed with the oxygen it will break the fast. Jadeed Fiqhi Masaail Vol 1 Pg 190

Q. Can I use eye drops and Kuhul while fasting?
A. Yes, you can it will not break the fast. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 279

Q. Can I use ear drops while fasting?
A. This is a controversial issue in Fiqh; there is a clear difference of opinion between the Fuqaha; whilst some are of the opinion that it breaks the fast, contemporary Jurists like Mufti Rafi Uthmani (D.B) strongly advise that the views of the E.N.T experts of our time be accepted who are of the opinion that there is no passage from the outer ear to the throat or the stomach. This would mean that the drops will not reach the throat hence the fast will not be broken. Yes if the tympanic membrane (eardrum) is perforated then the eardrops will reach the throat, which will result in the fast being broken. See Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 279

Q. Can I take an injection while fasting?
A. Yes, you can, injection does not break the fast. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 290

Q. if one is fasting and is also a drip of Glucose or other medicine; will the fast still be valid?
A. Yes the fast will be valid. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 290

Q.Can I test my blood sugars whilst I am fasting?
A.Yes you can. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 290

Q. Can I go for a blood test whilst I am fasting, it will mean that blood will be taken out?
A. Yes you can, it will not break the fast. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 290

Q. Can one give blood whilst fasting?
A. Yes. But if it results in weakness it is deemed as Makrooh. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 290

Q. Can I have a filling or extract a tooth whilst I am fasting?
A. Yes as long as the blood or any drug/medicine/water is not swallowed. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 297

Q. If I swallow my saliva while fasting will it break the fast?
A. No it will not. Masaail Ramadhan pg 62

Q. Can I swallow the food pieces stuck between my teeth while fasting?
A. No, you cannot, if the size of piece was less than a chick pea, and you swallowed it, it will not break the fast. If it is the size of the chick pea or greater swallowing it will break the fast. If you took the piece out of the mouth, then swallowed it, fast will break irrespective of whatever size the piece is. Masaail Ramadhan pg 69

Q. Will smoking break ones fast?
A. Yes it will, the Ulama have also said that passive smoking will also break ones fast. Fataawa Darul Uloom Zakaria Vol 3 Pg 285

Q. If I ate Suhoor thinking it was not Fajr time yet or ate Iftar thinking it was already sunset, does that break my fast?
A. Yes, it does break your fast. Masaail Ramadhan pg 56/ Masaail Ramadhan pg 197

Q. Do I have to eat Sahur and how long before Fajr do I have to stop eating?
A. It is Sunnah to eat Sahur and it is Sunnah to delay it until before Subh Sadiq. The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Eat Sahur since there is Barakah (blessing) in Sahur”. Once Fajr starts, one should quit eating and drinking right away. The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “My Ummah (nation) is still on the right path as long as they eat Iftar soon and eat Sahur late”. Masaail Ramadhan pg 54

Q. Can a woman fast during her monthly period or confinement period after giving birth?
A. No, she cannot. Bahishti Zewar Vol 2 Pg 194

Q: I am pregnant and due any day now and my midwife has told me not to fast as I will not have the energy to go into labour. Am I still obliged to fast?
A: It is best in this situation to avoid fasting. You must not put the child in any form of danger. Hindiyyah 207/1

Q. Can a woman nurse (breast-feed) her baby while fasting?
A. Nursing babies does not void the fasting. Masaail Ramadhan pg 119

Q. Is there any option for a woman who is feeding her infant child to leave fasts?
A. If a woman has an infant child who is dependant on the mother’s milk, and fears any harm befalling the child, like not receiving sufficient milk which could lead to other complications, then it is permitted for that woman not to keep the fast.  She only has to observe the missed fasts after Ramadhan whenever she is able to. Ilm ul Fiqh Vol 3 Pg 36

Q. Would my fasting be void if I had a wet dream while sleepi
ng during the daytime of Ramadan?

A. Your fasting would still be valid since it is something out of your control. Masaail Ramadhan pg 183

Q. If I am in the state of Janabat/uncleanliness, bath is obligatory upon me, but there is no time left; can I still make the intention of fasting?
A. Yes you must make that intention. Ilm ul Fiqh Vol 3 pg 31.

Q. Should I fast when I am travelling?
A. One may fast whilst travelling, it will result in rewards. If one does not fast then the Ruksah/ permission is there. He/she will have to fast later. Masaail Ramadhan pg 141

Note: these are some every day Masaail based on Hanafi Fiqh; if you have any questions please consult your local Ulama