Daily Prayers

The masjid has three floors for prayer.

Ground Floor

The Main Hall on the ground floor is the most widely used area of the masjid. All of the congregation is familiar with this particular area as it is where Muslims attend the regular five daily prayers. There is also a classroom on this floor, which can be incorporated into the main hall.

First Floor

The first floor consists of a large hall, 2 classrooms, small washing facilities and a library. The hall and all the rooms are used for prayers on Fridays and other busy times. The first floor is also used for I’tikaaf (seclusion) during the last ten days of Ramadhan.

Basement Floor

The basement includes a large community area, the facility to have 5 classes, toilets, wudhu facilities, office, mortuary room and kitchen facilities.


All three floors are carpeted and used for the prayer, so shoes are to be removed before entry into the any of these areas.

An audio system spans all floors for the purpose of amplification of lectures and prayers.