5 Benefits of Praying Salat Al Duha

1. It fulfills sadaqah (charity) on every joint in your body.

“In the morning every single joint of yours must pay a sadaqah (charity). Every SubhanAllah is a sadaqah, every Alhamdulillah is a sadaqah, every La Ilaha Illa Allah is a sadaqah, every Allahu Akbar is a sadaqah, every commanding good is a sadaqah, and every forbidding evil is a sadaqah, and all this is accomplished through two rak’ats one can pray in Duha.” [Muslim]


2. It is the prayer of the righteous. 

“None is assiduous in keeping Salat al-Duha except one who is oft-repentent (awwab), and it is the prayer of the oft-repentent (wa hiya Salat al-Awwabin).” [Ibn Khuzaymah, sahih according to the conditions of Imam Muslim]


3. It was an advice from the Messenger ﷺ himself.

Abu Hurayrah: “My beloved (the Messenger) instructed me never to leave three things until I die: fasting three days of the month, praying Salat al-Witr before sleep, and praying the 2 rak`ats of Salat al-Duha.” [Musnad Ahmad]


4. If performed after remembering Allah from the time of Fajr prayer, it’s equivalent to the complete reward of Hajj & Umrah. 

“Whoever prays the Fajr prayer then sits in his place of prayer remembering Allah until sunrise, then prays two rak`ats of Duha, shall be rewarded as if he had performed Hajj and Umrah, with a reward that is complete, complete, complete.” [Tirmidhi, hasan]

(Note: This doesn’t nullify the requirement to perform Hajj).


5. Making it a habit leads to forgiveness of one’s sins.

“Whoever regularly prays the two rak’ats of Duha, his sins are forgiven even if they are as numerous as the foam of the sea.” [Tirmidhi, Ahmad, Ibn Majah]


It’s a simple 2 rak’ahs that’s prayed any time after the sun rises until just before Dhuhr prayer. Make it a lifelong habit and encourage your family and friends to do so as well.


May Allah make us of those who benefit from what we learn.