Prayer Facilities

The new Masjid has three floors. The Main hall on the ground floor is the most widely used area within the masjid. All of our congregation are familiar with this particular area as it is where Muslims attend regularly for their five daily prayers.

The main hall, like the rest of the mosque, hosts a network of speakers for the amplification of lectures and prayers.

There are cabinets bearing copies of the Holy Qur'an in various languages are also situated along the wall.

The first floor has one big hall and 2 class rooms and a library. The hall and all the rooms are used for prayers on Fridays. The first floor is also used for Iti’qaaf (Seclusion) during the last ten days of Ramadhan.

All three floors are carpeted used for the prayer for which the Muslims remove their shoes before prayer so as to keep the ground clean. The basement includes a community area, the facility to have 5 Classes, toilets, Wudhu facilities, office, mortuary room and a kitchen.

The total capacity of the Masjid is 1350 people which is the average turnout on a busy Friday. On Eid days, when there are two services one in the Masjid and the other is normally in the Kelmscott Leisure centre, that can hold approx 2000 worshippers.

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