The Reality of Celebrating Eid Milad Un Nabi (saw)

Research upon the life and occurrences in the life of the Holy Prophet(saw)is very necessary. It is only after this investigation and understanding one can follow the way and manners shown by the Prophet(saw)in his own life. Until the time that one has a clear understanding of the life of the Prophet(saw), it is not possible for him to act in accordance to the Sunnah. Therefore, it is deemed a mercy and blessing of Allah(saw)to be able to read and listen to the biography of the Prophet . It is by adopting the Prophet’s habits and actions that we will attain salvation in the hereafter. It is sad that in this age, under the shadow of the life of the Prophet  , there are other practices that  have been introduced to the religion. Instead of being a means of attaining reward, these lead one to sin and innovation (Bid’ah).

One such innovation is to specifically stipulate.....

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