Laziness and Idleness in Seeking Knowledge - Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee

Leave off laziness and idleness. If it comes to you, expel it. If a person is truthful in a matter, he will not be affected by laziness or idleness!

If it was said to you: ”In this house there is 1000 riyals which will be given to you if you wait for an hour” … By Allah, you would wait till the end of the day! … with the condition – you don’t go to sleep and don’t become lazy, and that you stand on your legs.

What will happen?

How about the invaluable rewards of Allah?

What idleness and Laziness (comes to you)? Laziness is removed and idleness is removed if you remember what is with Allah. What laziness or idleness comes to a person (while) he is in a gathering of knowledge and he knows that the angels surround him!

What laziness or idleness comes to him while he is sitting in a gathering dealing with the king of Kings! The Lord of the First and the Last! A slave who has turned away from the dunya, and coming closer to his Lord!

What laziness or idleness comes to you while you are carrying the book of Allah between your hands?!

What laziness or idleness comes to you while you are opening the book of Allah which contains reports and stories that makes a person sleepless and they cause the eyes to shed tears and the hearts to humble.

What idleness and Laziness (comes to you)? While you are in this serious (matter), and there is no play in it (i.e. The knowledge). And while you are (dealing) with the truth in which there is no falsehood!

What idleness and Laziness (comes to you)?

It is because we don’t know Allah, as we should truly know him!

Laziness and idleness comes because we don’t know where we are!

A person goes to a gathering of knowledge, and he does not even realise that Allah hears and sees him!

O if only you knew! What (better can) you take, when you have taken the Book of Allah

O if only you knew! Who you are dealing with when you are leaving, from your house, to a gathering of Dhikr!

O if only you knew! Which night that you stayed up awake (seeking knowledge), becoming tired, and exhausted. While you are reciting the book of Allah, or reading the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), so as to preserve it for the Ummah.

Do you not know, that the angels descend because you are doing (this) righteous action, you are raised in ranks, and the doors of the Heavens are opened for you! It is for this reason (i.e. Knowledge) that you are sitting. This (knowledge) is what you are writing, listening, reading, a remembrance for you in this life and in the Hereafter.

This (knowledge) is what you are reading, listening, looking, comprehending and understanding, raising your ranks (in the Hereafter), and (a means of) expiating your sins.

Have you ever realised? That a day you left your house.. perhaps to a gathering of knowledge – And you were truthful (i.e. Sincere) in this with your Lord, and Allah looks into your heart and there is nothing except Him – or perhaps you left while there were things busying you, or perhaps you left after having stayed up awake in the night, and then you say: ”I want to remain upon my sleeplessness in order to please my Lord”, so you leave to this gathering (of knowledge) for the sake of Allah, without Riyaa (showing off) nor to be heard about (reputation).

So the angels are sent to witness your deed that you are doing for (the sake of) your Lord! And suddenly (due to) this gathering you are gaining good deeds, and your ranks are being raised! O How amazing is it that a student of knowledge returns to his home as the day his mother gave birth to him! (i.e. Sinless – due to seeking this knowledge).

How amazing is it that a student of knowledge leaves his home in order to recite the Qur’aan and memorise the Qur’aan – for the Ummah of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). And it is as if his tongue is saying: ”Bear witness O my Lord! I want to carry the Qur’aan in my chest, seeking your Face, and I desire for that which is with you!”

And from them is the one who leaves his house to learn the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and it is as if his tongue is saying: ”O Lord! The people have become heedless and turned towards the dunya and indeed I wish for the Hereafter, I want that which is with You, I want Your Mercy, I want Your Bounties, I want the lofty ranks from Jannah! I want to learn that knowledge which will bring me closer to You and (O my Lord) I did not leave my house (except that I had) no intention to show off nor to be heard about (reputation) I (only) left for Your Sake, seeking Your Face! And desiring for Your Pleasure. So raise my ranks and expiate my sins, and bless my knowledge, and make it beneficial and an intercessor (for me).”

Where are you (with regards) to this Pure Garden?! (i.e. This blessed gathering of knowledge)

Where are you (with regards) to these gathering (of knowledge) in which there are the lofty ranks from Jannah?!

Allah will ask His angels – (although) He is all-Knowing about His Creation. So the angels will mention YOU! The angels will ascend to the King of Kings – The Irresistible Compeller of the heavens and the Earth! (And) He will not ask the angels about what the people built (in this dunya), Nor (will He ask) about those who were dominant in the dunya, (Nor will He ask them) about the rich, nor the wealthy nor the great (i.e. Great in terms of their status). (Rather) He will ask about those who sat in the gatherings (of knowledge) that remember Allah!

Thus, the angels will surround them (i.e. Seekers of knowledge) and they will be encompassed by the Mercy of Allah! Because they are doing business with Allah (through the gatherings of Knowledge).

These angels will ascend to their Lord. So Allah will ask the angels (about the gatherings of knowledge), Allahu Akbar!

These are the gatherings of knowledge, in which you are sleeping (and) overtaken by idleness. Where are you? You are dealing with the King of Kings, The Lord of the First and the Last! (so) Allah will ask (His) obedient angels about these people who sit in the gatherings (of knowledge) in the houses (of Allah)!

They did not sit for the sake of the dunya, nor for selling & buying, nor for giving & taking, nor for poetry & prose, nor for competition.. (But rather) they sat to study- that which brings them closer to Allah.

(so) Allah will say at the end – and what do you know about the end? The end is that which is between you and your Lord – all of which is good, all of it is mercy, love and obedience – (So) Allah will say to the angels:

”What are they asking Me for? Who are these people? What is it that they need?”

Allahu Akbar!

Have you ever realized that when you are sitting in a gathering (of knowledge) for an hour or two, that Allah asks (His angels) about you as you sit in this gathering of knowledge. As you love the knowledge and the people of knowledge. And through this knowledge you are going closer to Allah, your Creator!

Look at your status! – so Allah, the Most Exalted, will say (to His Angels):

What are they asking me for? And the angels will say: They are asking for Your Paradise.

Allah will then say: Have they seen Paradise? How is it so that they have not seen it, yet they are seeking it.

Allah will say to the angels: Indeed I have forgiven them.

The angels will then say: O Our Lord, in the gathering is so and so, a sinful slave, who has come across this gathering and sat in it.

Allah will then say to the angels: I have forgiven all of them!

The sinner will not affect those who are sitting in the gathering (i.e. Their reward). This is the gathering in which you are sleeping and being overtaken by idleness. Witnessed by Allah from above the seven heavens – that the seeker of knowledge is not in grief.

This is knowledge (i.e. Knowledge of the religion) – (over) which (you have become lazy and idle).

Allah has enriched the scholars and there is no person who is more enriched than the scholar – and by Allah.. Allah has enriched the scholar with knowledge and with truthfulness in his knowledge. By Allah – besides Whom there is none worthy of worship except Him! – if a scholar who acts upon his knowledge, is given a choice between one page from the knowledge of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah or a choice between the dunya and everything in it – (including all of) the wealth, the pleasures and the entertainment of the Dunya. By Allah! The scholar will indeed choose this page and (thus) will be honoured (due to this). Rather, this scholar sees that it is not possible for him to turn towards the dunya.

What (a great) thing has Your Lord given you? This (is the knowledge) that causes the seven heavens to tremble! Do you not realize that if you were to seek this knowledge and you were to give it its right and you were to expel laziness & idleness – whilst coming towards your Lord with sincerity, seriousness and diligence.. and you appear to Allah that you are Magnifying Him and magnifying this knowledge that you are seeking.

Verily (due to this) Allah will open (for you) the doors of happiness and there shall never be grief thereafter! And verily through this knowledge, Allah will open the doors of mercy and there shall never be punishment thereafter!

Indeed nations have sought knowledge and they were truthful with their Lord, so Allah was truthful with them (in terms of their reward). O How amazing is it that graves have been illuminated due to the knowledge and actions of its people.

O How amazing is it, that people have left this dunya – leaving behind remnants of their knowledge, by which their ranks are raised and their sins are expiated!

O Student of Knowledge! Wake up from your sleep and pay attention to your heedlessness and remember your Lord – the Owner of Majesty and Honour!

Indeed it is sad that we have not given Allah – His due Right that He truly deserves!

We are not in remorse for the comfort of our bodies nor are we remorseful about what is happening nor about what has happened. We are not remorseful, by Allah! Except that we have not given Allah, His due Right that He deserves.

This is knowledge – in which there is no room for you to be idle. This is knowledge – which causes the hearts to tremble! How can you sleep whilst you are remembering Paradise and Hell-Fire? How can you sleep?

How can he enjoy, while he does not even know whether he will die in a state of Islam or not! How can you enjoy your rest and idleness – whilst you are dealing with the commodity of Allah?

Shame on the student of knowledge – that he does not give Allah His due Right. Verily, the dunya has passed by an its adornments have passed thus causing the student of knowledge to go far away from Allah.

Glad tidings upon glad tidings – for the one who magnifies Allah, the way He deserves to be Magnified, and he praises Allah the way He deserves to be praised. And he knows the rights and the duties of this knowledge.

O student of knowledge – fear Allah!

And Know that Allah is all-Aware of you whilst you are lying on your bed. And if you want to seek knowledge – then fill your heart with the Magnification of Allah (and fill it) with the fear of Allah. (Thus, due to this) you will be from those who are happy! (and you will be from) the successful, the friends of Allah! (You will also be from) the Pure and Pious!

Verily, knowledge is not for him – who is lazy or idle. Know that idleness and laziness will not come to you except due to sin. (And know that) knowledge does not come – except due to heedlessness. And the cure for that is what your Lord has guided you to.

Increase in seeking forgiveness and repent towards Allah. And say: ”O Allah I seek refuge in You from You preventing good – due to the evil in me.”

(So) ask Allah to forgive you from the sins that is between you and this knowledge. There is no prevention worse than being prevented from knowledge and action.


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