I am too lazy to pray 5 times a day..

Let me ask you, have you ever taken the time to reflect about life, yourself and everything you have and can do?


Have you seen the hands with which you can touch and grasp things, you can write with them and perform all kinds of work.


Have you seen the feet with which you walk and run, you can go to far and distant places with just these two small pieces of flesh.


Have you seen the tongue that does the talking, and how it can be used for communicating with people around us.


Have you seen the mouth with which you eat and drink.

Have you seen the ears with which you hear or the eyes with which you see.


You use them every day, now imagine that Allah was to take only ONE of these blessings away, you would cry and get depressed and only then would you realize the blessings, after its gone.


Have you ever thought about this? That Allah can take your blessings away at any given moment. Have you considered all of those people who went to bed healthy and then woke up paralysed, blind, deaf and so forth..


Imagine now, after reading this, Allah takes away your eyesight. You cannot even see the screen anymore, you will open and close your eyes again, look left and right, but there is darkness everywhere.


You will panic, start to sweat, perhaps even faint. Allah created you with sight, but now you have no sight anymore, you will not even be able to get up and call someone through the phone for help for you cannot see a thing.


And now imagine, you possessed 500 billion dollar, would you not buy back your eyesight for 500 billion dollar? All of those billions, all of those riches are worth nothing compared to this single blessing given to you for free by Allah.


Allah showered us with so many blessings, in our own bodies but also in our families, and surroundings. Imagine if you could not eat anymore, or could not drink anymore, or could not sleep anymore, or your home was wrecked, or all your wealth was taken away and you had to live in absolute poverty..


But no, Allah gave you everything, blessings upon blessings, day after day.

When was the last time you ever thanked Him for this? When was the last time you ever thanked Allah for the fact you have legs, arms, eyes, ears, a mouth and so on. Never did you ask for any of these blessings but Allah gave you everything without asking, without begging, without prostrating, without sacrificing anything.


Everyday Allah would give you more and more and more. And every day He sees you turning your back on Him, being lazy, being blind and deaf to His teachings.


You have time to do everything! You go out with your friends, you go on dates, you party you play games, you enjoy and celebrate.


But you do not have time for Allah? Allah who gave you all of these blessings that are so immense that you can NEVER count them all! Never ever!


And think about all those people in countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and so forth, these people are begging All-Mighty Allah day and night and they do not even know where their next morsel of food will come from.


Whereas you and I Allah has blessed so much, we are safe and have everything we can wish for. When we wake up for breakfast we can eat what we want, whatever we desire. When we need to get dressed for work or school, we have so many options as to what to wear. When we go outside we have so many means of transportation to reach our destination.


Look at all of these blessings, and you are telling me that you cannot even find time to prostrate 5 times a day for your Lord who has given you EVERYTHING!

- Based on a talk by Sheikh Ahmad Ali 


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