Masjid e Umer 79 Queens Road, Walthamstow, London, Greater London,  E17 8QR 

About Us

Masjid History 

By the grace of Allah (S.W.T), This Masjid has been  serving the local Muslim community for over 30 Years.  The Masjid originally started in a small house on Queens Road in 1977 and in 1981 the Synagogue was purchased and converted into a Masjid. 

Many alterations were made to the building in order to convert the Synagogue to a Masjid and to increase its capacity. In 1987 an extension was made to the side and front of the Mas-jid to provide better facilities to the community include a larger Wudhu (Ablution) room, toilets, kitchen and mortuary. 

By the Year 2000 our once large Masjid had now become too small to accommodate all the musallees / worshippers  who wish to pray at our Masjid. In fact there was such a shortage of space on Fridays and Ramadan the Brothers were having to pray on the pavement to the front and side of the Masjid. In March 2001 we embarked upon the re-construction of the Masjid, after securing planning permission the Rebuilding work started in June 2002. 

The New Masjid 

The new Masjid has three floors. The basement includes a community area, the facility to have 5 Classes, toilets, Wudhu facilities, office, mortuary room and a kitchen. 

The ground floor, main prayer hall for 5 daily prayers also has 1 class room which is also used to facilitate women in that area at various times.   

The First floor comprises of  3 class rooms and holds 2 additional Hifz (Memorisation of Holy Quar'an) Classes and the facility for Itikaa’f (Seclusion) in Ramadan and one room also serves as a Library for the Children. All three floors are used to pray salaat in a large congregation such as for Friday, Taraveeh (Ramadan) and Eid salaat. 


The demolition of the Masjid Started on 16th June 2002 and the Foundation was laid on 10th August 2002.  The reconstruction of the Masjid was completed Just before Ramadan 1424 AH. {October of 2003},  within 16 Months.   

The Project cost the community  approx £ 2.5 Million and the majority of money was raised locally.

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